Hatoko's Aster Adventure is a 2nd game on Gameboy Advance platform game that was originally released on Japan in December 1, 2014, and was released on South Korea from December 2, 2014.

This title is made after GameBoy was simulated on this character's name, Hatoko Kushikawa, which taken by hence the names are.


Hatoko reveals the Big Mac from Selvaland, until King Rungji had to hijacked it out. However, King Rungji is about stealing in of the foods during the fight, which she sets off to both the food and the Aster Lysa and overcame those fears to King Rungji. Instead, King Rungji is defeat by Hatoko afterward, and she joined up with other allies to celebrate.


Copy AbilitiesEdit

The game starts on Hatoko, and those 26 copy abilities are first introduced in Hatoko's Aster Adventure, alongside Mix. She retains all her jumping, flying and inhaling moves from own previous games.

Level DesignEdit

The entire game is made of 7 stages on each levels. Every 7th stages a boss battle instead, and after a boss is defeated, the boss room will lead to the next stages from it.


  • Vegetable Valley
  • Lasagna Island
  • Pizza Building
  • Tangerine Gardens
  • Yogurt Yard
  • Orange Ocean
  • Rainbow Resort
  • The Fountain of Delusions

Goal GameEdit

After each stage, the player plays a Goal Game where Hatoko jumps on a spring platform. The goal is to press the A button when the platform is at her lowest at this sends Hatoko to the top level and nets a 1UP. Otherwise their player scores between 5,000 to 100 points depending on how close the timing is to perfect.



1. Whispy Woods

2. Paint Roller

3. Miss Ekans and Mister Koffing

4. Kracko

5. Heavy Mole

6. Ursa Knight

7. King July


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