Hitomi Saitō
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Rōmaji Saitō Hitomi
Other Names Hitomin by Aki Natsu
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 22
Status Alive
Eye Red
Hair Light Green
Occupation University Student
Affiliation Fallen Black
Anime debut Episode 8

Hitomi Saitō (斉藤 一十三 Saitō Hitomi) is is one of the members of Hajime Kiryū's clique and a supporting character of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. Her ability called Eternal Wink allows her to grant the "evil eye" to a person she makes eye contact with.


Hitomi is a very beautiful young woman with a slender body and of average height. She has very long green hair, which goes into two directions at the bottom and her bangs are covering one of her eyes, because she lost sight in her right eye due to an illness. She has red eyes and Hitomi is sometimes seen with a big ponytail.


Hitomi is a very calm girl and acts like a leader. She easily gets embarrassed when it comes to Hajime or romance, like a tsundere. Hitomi is also cheerful, and cares for the Fallen Black as a family. She also has a little tomboyish personality.



As a child, Hitomi lost sight in her right eye due to an illness. At first, she wore a medical eyepatch, but she stopped because it was attracting unwanted attention, making people believe she was cosplaying because she had chūni syndrome. Then, she decided to hide her right eye with her hair. However, because of this bad experience, she began to feel a strong resent against people who like one-eyed characters in anime and manga, especially those who were doing cosplay wearing eyepatches. She thought that they didn't know how it really felt to be blinded in one eye and because of them wearing medical eyepatches for cosplaying, the people who really needed to wear them were being made fun of.

Years later, she went to Senkō Private High School, where she decided to join the literature club. The first day of classes, she gave her application to the literature club's adviser, Shiharu Satomi. When she went to the club’s classroom, she encountered a black haired boy who was wearing a black eyepatch on his right eye. Hitomi recognized this boy as Hajime Kiryū, her classmate who sits in front of her and also the one who made that weird self-introduction back in class. Hajime welcomed her to the club, but then, began to moan in pain on the floor, covering his eyepatch with his hand, mentioning that the seal of his "evil eye" was about to break. Noticing her confused expression, he approached her and then noticed that Hitomi was covering her right eye with her hair and asked her if she also had the evil eye. This made Hitomi angry, so she quickly grabbed him by his shoulders and ended up giving him a jumping high knee to his stomach, leaving him moaning in pain on the floor for real this time.

The next day, Hitomi went to see Satomi-sensei and asked her to forget about her application and accept her resignation from the club, but she replied it was too much hassle. In the end, Satomi told her that if her decision was still the same next week, then she would accept her resignation.

That same day, Hajime was late for school. After he entered the classroom, he ignored the teacher and took Hitomi out to the roof of the school. Hitomi´s wild imagination made her think that Hajime probably wanted revenge and was going to ask her sexual favors, but just as Hitomi was about to take a fighting stance, Hajime said he had gone to the hospital because he had some broken ribs. Hitomi immediately bowed her head down and apologized to him because she thought the situation was really serious and she could be expelled from school if Hajime decided to talk with the teachers about the incident. Then, Hajime laughed and told her he was only joking. He was in perfect condition and the hospital visit was just an excuse to be late at school. Hajime mentioned he was investigating her and mentioned the lack of vision in her right eye. Hitomi told him that he was right about her eye and the reason she decided to hide her useless eye was because she didn't want people to think that she had chūni syndrome like him. Hitomi went on and shouted everything she felt deep inside, showing clearly her dislike and hatred against people who like one-eyed characters, but Hajime only listened to her without saying nothing.

After Hitomi was finished talking, Hajime told her that she was being selfish, because people who like one-eyed characters were not at fault, no one had the fault that she couldn't see and no one had the obligation to pay attention to her complaints. After a heated argument, Hitomi ended up crying, realizing that her anger was just selfishness just as Hajime had pointed out. Then, Hajime touched her bangs and dried her tears with his finger. Hajime mentioned that her eye was not useless, because it still helped her to cry and although people didn't pay attention to her complaints, he would. Hajime told her that even though her resentment was wrong, it was natural for her to feel like that. Hajime apologized to her, bowing his head down. Also, he gave her his black eyepatch, vowing to never wear it again. Hitomi noted the suffering of Hajime for saying goodbye to his dear eyepatch, which made her laugh. Hitomi thought that Hajime was an interesting person and accepted his apology.

After a week, Hitomi went to see Satomi-sensei and told her she had decided to stay in the literature club after all. After that, they began calling each other by their first names. Hitomi and Hajime spent their three years in high school as the only two members in the literature club, with Hajime being the club’s president. One day, Hitomi asked Hajime the reason for letting a such troublesome woman like her to stay in the club, Hajime replied that for him their meeting was decided by fate. He told her that life was like a novel that could only be read once, so he didn't want to miss anything. Hitomi began to notice how little by little she was falling in love with Hajime, realizing that he was her first love.

After graduation, Hitomi lost communication with Hajime for two years. Even though, she sent him New Year postcards, he didn’t. While she was attending university, she decided to live alone in an apartment. One rainy night, Hajime appeared in front of her door, asking her to let him stay with her. Hajime told her that he had quit university and left his home. Hitomi was astonished for this, but let him stay with her. After six months, Hitomi was upset for Hajime’s behavior, he didn´t study or try to look for a part time job. He only spent his days watching TV and reading magazines. Sometimes he spoke with someone called “Reatier” on the phone, but Hitomi thought he was just faking phone calls because of his chūni syndrome. In rare occasions, Hajime used to leave the apartment, telling her he was going to the "war" and didn´t return for hours or weeks. Hitomi had curiosity about what this war really meant.

One day, Hajime returned covered in bruises and blood. As he was about to fall, Hitomi tried to catch him, but his weight was too much for her to handle. Then, as Hitomi was about to fall too, Hajime's body became very light. He laughed and told her it was because of his power. The next day, Hajime and Reatier told her everything about the fairies, the superpowers and the Fairy War. Hajime told her he was tired of playing solo and asked her to join him, giving her the task to spread his new alias, "Ancient Lucifer", much to Hitomi's dismay. In the end, Hitomi accepted and became the first member of the group Hajime created, Fallen Black. She was given the alias, “Eternal Wink”.

Fallen Back vs F ArcEdit

Six months later, one night, Hitomi went to pick Hajime in her newly bought car after he had fought against Tōhei Yukawa, a mysterious rogue ability user without a fairy in charge, in an abandoned bowling room. The next day, at Fallen Black's base, Hajime informed the group about the report Reatier gave him earlier concerning the location of the mysterious group called F, who was behind the recent rogue ability users. Hajime mentioned that Reatier told him not to do anything, but he was going to do something anyway. Hitomi thought that Reatier didn't understand Hajime's behavior very well, because, that man was the kind of person who does the opposite of what you tell him to do.

A recognition group was formed by Hitomi Saitō, Hajime Kiryū and Aki Natsu. They went in Hitomi's car to the location of F's hideout, the Yuzuhara Food Processing Plant. Hitomi used her power to grant Hajime the "evil eye", which he used to trick the security guards’ minds. Once they passed the entrance, they proceeded through the parking lot where they found their first enemy, a guy with glasses with the superpower of magnetism. The man controlled the trucks around the area and launched against them, but Hajime quickly grabbed the steering wheel and avoided all the falling trucks, touching Hitomi’s thigh in the process, much to her embarrassment. After that, Hajime got off the car and faced the guy with glasses.

After some minutes, Hajime was standing on top of a tower made of trucks, grabbing the man by his neck. Hajime killed him, piercing his chest with his hand. Then he proceeded to almost lick his bloody hand, but stopped, mentioning it was against the rules of the battles with superpowers. Hitomi found this really unsanitary. As result of this battle, the rest of F's members found them and tried to attacked them, but Hajime took Hitomi and Aki's hands and escaped flying into the air. While they were resting, sitting in a wall thanks to Hajime’s power, Hitomi saw through a window a little girl inside a tank of water filled with green liquid. Hitomi thought that maybe the little girl was kidnapped by F, but Aki said that girl was a monster with the strongest and absolute power. Thanks to Aki’s power, “Head Hunting”, they found out the little girl was called System and was the secret weapon of F.

After they managed to escape, they reunited with the rest of Fallen Black. Reatier explained to them all about F and also about Zeion, the rogue fairy behind the creation of the strongest ability user, System. Reatier explained that Zeion created System to stop the war by defeating every ability user. Hitomi was nervous because of the existence of such opponent and was afraid of System finishing the war. Even though she didn´t like the war, she didn´t want to be separated from Fallen Black, especially from Hajime. When she tried to ask for Hajime's opinion, he just downplayed the matter. This made Shugo lose his temper, who proceeded to grab Hajime by his collar. To make things worse, Fantasia’s personality changed, so another personality took control of her body. This personality addressed herself as "Groteska" and insulted Hajime, criticizing him for being a shame as a leader. Hitomi was really nervous because Groteska and Shugo were about to attack Hajime. But then, Groteska made fun of Hajime's alias, which proved to be a great mistake. In one quick movement, Hajime grabbed her by her head and smashed her against the wall in an instant. Just when he was about to kill her, he said he was joking and stopped. Fantasia's personality returned, crying of fear and shame because she had wet herself. Before leaving, Hajime exposed Reatier's hidden plan which was to make Hajime destroy F. He told her that the only thing that gives him orders were the destructive impulses inside his head. Hajime told Reatier that if she wanted to ask something, she should bow her head ask politely.

The next day, Hajime decided to go to Senkō High School to meet Satomi-sensei. At the same time, Hitomi was visited by Reatier, who told her of the Committee's decision to put the war in hiatus and gather every ability user to destroy F and System. When Reatier decided to call Hajime to ask him to destroy F again, Hajime told her he was going to do it, much to Hitomi's surprise. Wanting to inquiry him for his sudden change of opinion, Hitomi left and went to look for him. She found him near a family restaurant. Hajime told her he had a fated meeting with someone called "Guiltia Sin Jurai". When Hitomi asked him about his decision to fight F, he confirmed this. Just when Hitomi was thinking that Fallen Black would have an all-out battle against F, Hajime told her he was going to do it alone and ordered her to tell the other members not do anything.

Later, feeling discouraged and depressed, Hitomi went to Fallen Black's base where she met the 13th member of Fallen Black, “Innocent On-Looker”, Shizumu Sagami, playing darts. Sagami told her that he was an old friend of Hajime. Even though he didn't have powers, he knew of the Fairy War and also had met Reatier before. Sagami tried to flirt with her, but stopped after hearing Hitomi's age, mentioning she was an old hag, but she couldn’t hear it. Hitomi asked him his reason for coming and Sagami told her he had heard that a cute girl had a little problem of incontinence in this place, much to Hitomi's dismay. She tried to lie, but Sagami saw through her lie, mentioning he had already found the place by the smell of the deodorant. Hitomi though this man was a dangerous pervert and didn't want to imagine what he had done before she came.

Then, Hitomi decided to talk with Sagami about Hajime's plan to attack F alone. Sagami mentioned it was just like him to do something like that. He told her he had already listened about her from Hajime, telling her that Hajime had called her a good woman. Hitomi blushed at this revelation and was more than happy because of it. However, Sagami teased Hitomi, telling her that a good person is called like that because that person is convenient for someone, always doing everything he or she is asked to do. Hitomi argued back that she was a convenient girl just for Hajime, but Sagami just told her that Hajime was not looking for such a girl. He mentioned that Hajime will never look at her current self and asked her if she would consider betraying him. Hitomi was very angry, but Sagami told her not to misunderstand him because he was at her side, even though he didn't find a romantic comedy with people past their twenties appealing at all. Just when he was leaving, Hitomi asked him his honest opinion of her as a woman, Sagami told her that she was out of question, completely crushing Hitomi's pride as a woman.

Later, Hitomi asked the rest of Fallen Black's members to come to the base. Everyone was upset with the current situation, but they were not going to do nothing about it. Seeing all the members not worrying about the situation at all, Hitomi finally lost her temper. She decided to take command of Fallen Black, ordering everyone to rebel against Hajime Kiryū and follow her into battle against F. After confirming her determination, Shugo and the rest accepted her as their leader and joined Hitomi's side.

When Fallen Black attacked F's hideout, the group divided in three teams, Team A was formed by Hitomi and Shugo, Team B was formed by Yanagi and Aki, while Team C was formed by Fantasia alone. Acting according to Hitomi's plan, team A and B attracted the enemy's attention by fighting against F's members, while Fantasia was checking the computers, looking for a method to control System. After finding nothing, Hitomi and the rest began to capture F's members to ask them for information. Inside a space created by Yanagi, Fallen Black reunited and shared information, so Hitomi devised a plan to defeat System without fighting. This plan consisted of having Yanagi hack the computer controlling the test tube where System was sleeping. All this with the purpose of letting System sleep forever. When Hitomi and the rest found the building where System was sleeping, Shugo and Fantasia stayed outside while Hitomi, Aki and Yanagi proceeded to enter the building.

After finding the correct room, Yanagi destroyed the door, but what they saw inside was complete unexpected. The whole room had been destroyed, System had been awakened earlier than expected. They saw System floating in the air, but when System was about to kill Hitomi, Hajime appeared, blocking her attack. After Hajime explained that System was the newest member of Fallen Black, he left and asked Hitomi to take care of everything. Hitomi noticed a horrible wound in Hajime's stomach, but when she was about to mention it, Hajime sealed her lips with his finger. Telling her he was leaving everything in her hands, Hajime left. Hitomi deduced that Hajime and System had a tremendous battle before they arrived, the current condition of the room and Hajime's wound were results of that battle.

Strengthening her resolve, Hitomi commanded Fallen Black and destroyed the remaining members of F, ending the conflict. Every member of F was killed and then revived with their memories erased. The main culprit behind everything, a fairy called Zeion, was captured by the Committee and taken to some kind of prison in the world of the fairies. As for System, she was named Umeko Tanaka by Hajime and Hitomi. She usually stays in Hitomi's place. Hitomi felt that even though Umeko was very quiet and expressionless, she had no malice inside her.

Some days later, Hajime hurt his right eye because he slept with contact lenses. Hitomi forbade him of wearing them again and gave his contact lenses to Umeko, so he couldn’t get it back. Then, Hajime devised a plan to kidnap a member of Virgin Child called “Root of Origin”. Hitomi asked him why he wanted to do that, even though he wanted to keep those kids away from the war. Hajime told her to use her power, so he could manipulate that kid’s memory. Hitomi reluctantly agreed and asked him who was “Root of Origin”, but Hajime just told her it was the girl with long hair.

Later, believing she was “Root of Origin”, Fallen Black mistakenly kidnapped Hatoko Kushikawa. Putting the fault on Hitomi, Hajime mentioned they got “Over Element”, instead of “Root of Origin”. Then, all the members started discussing about who was to blame. When Hajime mentioned they were so clumsy, everyone shouted that everything was his fault. All the members decided to leave, with Fantasia mentioning that Hinoemata was clever because he didn’t come and Aki giving Hajime a medicine for his eye, asking him to pay her back later with interest. 

When Hajime decided to leave as well, Hitomi stopped him in his tracks. She scolded him for leaving an unconscious young girl alone in middle of the road. Hitomi ordered him to tell her everything once she wakes up. With Umeko carrying Hatoko on her back, they returned to Hitomi’s apartment. Hajime just mentioned that he wished those kids could awake a new power so they could retrieve their friend, but Hitomi said that was just wishful thinking. Later, to her surprise, she alongside Hajime and Umeko witnessed how Hatoko was involved in light and disappeared in front of them.

Next day, Hitomi couldn’t believe that Hatoko was indeed retrieved by Sayumi Takanashi’s new ability. Hajime was pleased to know that his prediction was right. Then, he told Hitomi that he was planning a new way to kidnap Root of Origin.  When Hitomi asked him the reason why he was so insistent on curing his eye right away, Hajime told her it was because he promised her to never wear an eyepatch again. Hitomi was touched by this and was happy to know Hajime still remembered that promise.

Later, by Hitomi’s request, they went to a game center, wanting to take a picture in a photo booth. Before taking the picture, Hitomi drew something from her purse. Hajime noticed it was the black eyepatch he gave her long ago. Hitomi wore it and asked him how it looked. Hajime told her it looked great and was pleased to take a picture of both of them wearing eyepatches.

Fallen Black vs Hearts Arc Edit

One day in summer, she has having her usual discussion with Hajime, this time because his magazines were filling up the apartment and he didn't want to do it. After not saying a single line for a while, Umeko arrived with the lunch. Hajime was angry to find out that Hitomi only gave money to Umeko to buy two lunches. Hitomi told him if he wanted to eat, he should buy food with his money, making him angry.

Before things get worse, Umeko gave one lunch to Hajime, saying that she bought it with the money she was saving. Then, she scolded them for making such a fuss even though they are adults. Hitomi noted that Umeko's mental age was older than hers. Then, Umeko decided to go out again to do the grocery shopping, but when Hitomi told her she would go instead, Umeko declined the offer. She mentioned that even though it didn't look like it, she enjoyed "daily life". After thinking how Umeko was becoming more human, Hitomi pointed out that Umeko had changed, but Hajime questioned her if she was saying that line in a good or bad way. Hitomi thought that everyone changes sooner or later, but Hajime was the only one who stays the same no matter what. Later, she talked Hajime about how Yanagi and Shugo weren't answering her calls and was worried about their battles against the recent group known as Hearts.

Sometime later, Hitomi and Umeko disguised themselves and followed Hajime, who went out without saying a word. After contacting Fantasia and Aki through LINE, they gave her weird ideas about Hajime dating another girl, making her worry. After taking a bus, they followed him to a hospital, where she learned from a nurse he was visiting a hospitalized person who was in a deep coma. The nurse, who seemed to know him, told her about how the hospitalized person was involved in a car accident and felt into a deep coma many years ago. The nurse mentioned that she was always visited by her son. Hitomi thought that Hajime was only visiting her mother and felt regretful for her actions. She didn't want to learn about his secret like this, she wanted to hear it from Hajime's mouth. After leaving the hospital, Umeko theorized that Hajime' reason for joining the Fairy War was because she wanted her mother to wake up. Hitomi was surprised to realize this fact.

In their way home, Hitomi and Umeko found Shugo and Yanagi who were badly hurt. They were filled with hatred and were only looking for to have their revenge. Hitomi tried to talk them out of that, however they didn't want to listen to her. When they were about to leave, Hitomi instructed Umeko to stop them, who rapidly reduced them in a second. Umeko scolded the two boys for making Hitomi worry and told them to listen to her because she was a divine being who could give them the answer they were looking for. Even though she was embarrassed of Umeko's words, she gently talked to the two boys and asked them to trust her because she could help them. She reminded them that they were a team and they didn't need to do it alone because they have their companions at their side.

However, Shugo and Yanagi rejected her help, mentioning that this battle was their own and didn't have nothing to do with her. Hitomi thought that their obstinacy was kind of similar to Hajime. Finally, after thinking how she couldn't intervene in men's battles, she decided to respect their wishes and trust them. Before leaving, she wished them good luck and told them they were similar to Hajime.

After Hearts was defeated by Shugo, Yanagi, Aki and Fantasia’s combined efforts, Reatier informed Hitomi about the details of the outcome, which made her pleased because Shugo and Yanagi worked together to defeat the enemy. After receiving a call from Sagami, mentioning he was at the pool and couldn't return because there were no buses, she alongside Hajime and Umeko went to pick him up in her car. Sagami told her to give him a ride to the hospital. When they arrive, Hajime told her about Sagami's mother condition. Hitomi was surprised to find out that Sagami's mother was hospitalized just like Hajime's mom. However, at that moment, the nurse she met before appeared and introduced herself as Hajime's mother, Rei Kiryū.

After clearing her misunderstanding, she learned that the one hospitalized was Sagami's mother and Hajime's mother was her nurse in charge. Rei thanked Hitomi for taking care of his son, which made her embarrassed. Later, she decided to return home with Umeko, Hajime told he was going to go to somewhere else. In the way, Umeko mentioned how beautiful the cherry blossoms were, pointing out their green color. Hitomi told her they will become pink when they bloom next year. Hitomi told her to go see them next year, however, Umeko told her she didn't have that much time. Umeko revealed that she didn't have much time left. She told Hitomi about how she was created with a very short lifespan, only created to fulfil her duty and nothing else. Umeko told her about the time when she fought against Hajime at F's base and how he stopped fighting her when he learned about this information. Hitomi was feeling really sad for her, but Umeko told her not to pity her. She mentioned she was really happy of knowing both Hajime and her because even though she was created as a murder weapon, she was able to live as a human thanks to them. Umeko thanked her, smiling for the first time ever.

After arriving home, Umeko got off the car first, leaving Hitomi crying alone in the car. When Hitomi was wondering about what she should do, someone entered the car. It was Fantasia Yusano, but her facial expression was empty. She wondered if she was one of her multiple personalities, but then she revealed herself as the one who created System, the fairy Zeion. With this revelation, Hitomi's mind went blank. She asked Zeion how this was possible. He mentioned that before the War Management Committee capture it at F's base, he managed to implant his memories in Fantasia's body. Zeion revealed that he knew about Fantasia's power because he was his fairy in charge in the past Fairy War.

Hitomi was surprised to find out Fantasia was a participant in the Fourth Fairy War, but was even more shocked to find out that she made it to the final round, getting the second place. Hitomi then thought something was odd and asked Zeion the reason why Fantasia's memories were erased if she had managed to get into the last eight survivors. Zeion didn’t understand this, so Hitomi told it about the Last Eight rule. Zeion was shocked to find out the fairies implant such fake rule, because there only could be one winner. With his time running out, Zeion asked Hitomi to stop the war and gave her some papers to help her.

With Zeion gone, Hitomi decided to revise the enveloped she was given. She found some papers which mentioned the names of the previous Fairy War Winners. She read the names of the first three winners, but was shocked to find out who was the winner in the Fourth Fairy War. The name written on that paper was "Hajime Kiryū".

Climax of the Fairy War Arc Edit

After Umeko Tanaka's death, Hitomi decided to put an end to the Fairy War and stop Hajime. With this decision, Fallen Black broke up, leading their members to form two different teams. Hitomi's team included Shugo Toki and Aki Natsu, while Hajime's team included Yanagi Akutagawa and Tamaki Hinoemata. Meanwhile, Yusano decided to act on her own and left.

When she met Sagami at a family restaurant, she told him about all these events, including the fact that she won't be at ease until she gives Hajime one big punch to the face. Later that day, Aki Natsu mentioned to Sagami she was going to have a reunion with Hitomi and Shugo to plan their strategy.

Later, just when Hajime was about to finish off Sagami, Hitomi appeared and used her power to cast an illusion on Hajime, making him miss his target. Then, Shugo rushed to attack Hajime while Hitomi helped Sagami and Jurai. Sagami thanked Hitomi and told her he won't treat her like some old hag again. Hitomi just told him le shoudl fine if he's talking like that. Hitomi introduces herself to Jurai and tells him she considers him as her love rival. After Jurai left to find the literature club girls, Hitomi prepared to begin her plan to defeat Hajime. Aki, who was next to her, began to cheer for Shugo, saying that the time interval before Hajime can use again his strongest attacks was 3 minutes, so this was their chance. After recovering some of his energy, Hajime tried to make the land below Shugo collapse. However, Yanagi appeared and got rid of Hajime's power by tearing apart his gravity force, allowing Shugo to continue his attack. Hitomi explains to Sagami that both Yanagi and Tamaki never truly joined Hajime's side. They were just pretending to be on his side to spy on him. Hitomi apologizes to Sagami for telling him otherwise when they met before, but it was necessary to keep that information a secret.

When Hajime was finally cornered by Shugo and Yanagi under the steel bridge, Shugo used his power to make the bridge collapses on Hajime. Sagami wondered if this battle was going to attract people's attention, but then, Genre Yusano appeared and told him not to worry. She had used the power of her personality, Militaria, to keep civilians away. Then, Hitomi reveals to Sagami that they have joined forces with Genre Yusano to fight against Hajime. Genre mentions that she tried to kill Hitomi, but in the end, she killed Umeko. However, Hitomi tells her that Umeko wasn't killed, she protected her. Hitomi doesn't hold a grudge against Genre, instead, she wanted to join forces, so their combined forces could defeat Hajime.

Then, among the debris of the bridge, Hajime appears completely unscathed and begins to appear and disappear in different places. This was his secret ability, 'Lucifer's Execution'. The power to skip time. However, Aki already knew about this and that's when Yusano reveals her trump card. It was Mirei Kudou, who uses her power to steal Hajime's power, leaving him on his knees powerless. Genre reveals that she met Mirei last night and put one of her personalities inside her. Hitomi reveals that this was her plan to defeat Hajime all along. Using the power of Mirei Kudou to steal his power. Hitomi approaches a seemingly defeated Hajime and tells him that she has won. Hajime looks at her with anger, but Hitomi, looking proud of her achievement, tells him that he's finally looking at her.

When everyone thought it was over, Hajime started to laugh and said he was wrong. He was wrong for wanting to have companions, since no one will ever be able to understand him. At that moment, everyone fell down to the ground, being completely held down by a strong gravitational force. No one could believe this, but Hajime reveals that Mirei's power originally was 'stealing a power for a short period of time' and it was he who changed it to 'stealing a power forever'. The only thing he did was change it back with his secret ability, Reverse Cross Record Errata. It was his power as the administrator of the war. Having the same kind of authority as the fairies, Hajime had total control over the superpowers. Then, Hajime looked at each of them and changed their powers' settings. in Hitomi's case, Hajime added an interval of 30 minutes each time she uses her power.

Noticing that she had lost, Hitomi tells Hajime that it's a shame because she thought she had finally defeated him. And since her memories will disappear once she's revived, she wants to tell him something she always wanted. Hitomi tells Hajime she loves him. However, he didn't give her an answer. After saying goodbye to them, Hajime finished everyone off at the same time. Following the rules of the Fairy War, Hitomi was revived with both her memory and power erased.

Half-year later after the battle between Hajime and Jurai, she's dating Hajime and also going to the same university as him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eternal Wink: It´s a support-type power that grants the "evil eye" to whom Hitomi makes eye contact with. It resides in her left eye and it can only be used with a partner because Hitomi can't give herself the evil eye. Although it isn't a very strong power, it' s very convenient. The evil eye can show illusions, put a person to sleep for a moment and alter their memories.

The evil eye can be used against other ability users, however, this is only possible when the opponent is caught off guard. If the opponent is "wary" of her, then the evil eye would be rendered useless. In the case of facing a large number of people who are wary of her, Hitomi can give the evil eye to one of her opponents, so at the moment that person makes eye contact with their companions, that person would unintentionally use the illusion trick against them. In this case, the evil eye would work because it´s unlikely her opponents are wary of each other. However, in a 1 on 1 match, this tactic would be useless.


  • Her power was named by Hajime.
  • Her favorite novelist is Ryunosuke Akutagawa and her favorite book is The Nose.

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