Kiryū Hajime
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Kiryuu Hellkaiser

Rōmaji Kiryū Hajime
Alias Kiryū Heldkaiser Luci-First
Other Names Hajime-nī-san (by Tomoyo)
First (by Umeko Tanaka)
Kiryūcchi (by Aki Natsu)
Hajime-chan (by Rei)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Status Alive
Relatives Kanzaki Tadashi (Father)
Kiryū Rei (Mother)
Kanzaki Tomoyo (Half-sister)
Eye Red (lens), Purple
Hair White, Black (former)
Affiliation Fallen Black
Anime debut Episode 1 (cameo)
Episode 3
Hajime Kiryū (()(りゅう) (はじめ) Kiryū Hajime) is a supporting character of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de, and Tomoyo's half brother. His ability called Lucifer's Strike, allows him to manipulate gravity.

Appearance Edit

Hajime is a tall young man. He has white, short spiky hair. He has purple eyes, but he is seen wearing red colored contact in his right eye. Because he sleeps sometimes with his contact on, he ends up hurting his eye and has to wear an eyepatch over it. He also wears small, circular black sunglasses. He has some piercings on his ears. Hajime wears a necklace. And he is almost always seen with his long, black mantle and a dark purple shirt. He also wears very dark brown pants and dark boots.

In past, Hajime had black hair, but with same current hairstyle.


Hajime is like Jurai Andō, who has some degree on chūni delusions, except that his delusion were at bit real; this trait had apparently rubbed off his half-sister, though only temporarily, as Tomoyo had apparently stopped having the same delusions when she joined the literature club. He and Andō seems to get along well, and Andō said that their meeting in Episode 3 was 'destiny'.

Though a lone-wolf, he can sometimes enjoy the company of other people who are also "ability users".

He seems to highly dislike it when people mess with 'Virgin Child' (the literature club) going as far as to threaten Shizumu Sagami in Episode 12.

History Edit

Background Edit

Hajime is the only child of Tadashi Kanzaki and Rei Kiryū. His parents divorced shortly after he was born, so Hajime ended up in custody of his mother, gaining her surname. As a child, he usually spent his time around his mother at the hospital where she was working as a nurse. It was at that time he met and befriend Shizumu Sagami, the son of a hospitalized patient his mother was taking care of.

Years later, Hajime was sent to live with his father’s new family. He quickly started to get along with his new family, however, he didn’t adopt the family' surname, Kanzaki, preferring to keep using his mother’ surname instead. People around always wondered about this, but Hajime never cared about what others thought. In middle school, he became very popular due to his good marks and great ability in athletics which lead him to go to the nationals. However, he abandoned it when he got tired of the kind of attention he was receiving from people, giving him nicknames such as the “Stylish Prince”, something he disliked. At home, he had a good relationship with his family, especially his half-sister, who admired him and was starting to imitate his chūnibyō antics.

When he entered Senkō Private High School, he joined the literature club, which was about to be disbanded because there were no members. It was at that time when he met a girl named Hitomi Saitō, who wished to join the literature club. They had a somehow harsh first meeting, when Hitomi entered the classroom, she found Hajime wearing a black eyepatch on his right eye, acting as he was in pain because his evil eye was breaking the seal. Seeing her confused, he stopped and approached her, noticing she was hiding her right eye behind her hair. Then, Hajime made Hitomi angry when he asked her if she had “the evil eye” as well in that eye she was. Being beyond angry, she ended up giving him a jumping high knee to the stomach, leaving him moaning in pain on the floor, for real this time. After she left, the club’s adviser, Shiharu Satomi, entered the classroom and found him on the floor. When she asked him what happened, he just answered that the seal of his evil eye broke, not mentioning nothing about Hitomi.

Next day, Hajime used this accident as an excuse to be late at school, spending that time to investigate about Hitomi. After he arrived school and entered the classroom, he ignored the teacher and took Hitomi out to the roof of the school. He told her he had gone to the hospital because he had some broken ribs. Hitomi immediately apologized to him because she thought the situation was really serious and she could be expelled from school if Hajime decided to talk with the teachers about the incident. Then, Hajime just laughed and told her he was only joking. Hajime mentioned he was investigating her and mentioned the lack of vision in her right eye. Hitomi told him that he was right about her eye and the reason she decided to hide her useless eye and not wear an eyepatch was because she didn't want people to think that she had chūni syndrome like him. Hitomi went on and shouted everything she felt deep inside, expressing her hatred for people who liked one-eyed characters, but Hajime only listened to her without saying nothing.

After Hitomi stopped talking, Hajime told her that she was being selfish, because people who like one-eyed characters were not at fault, no one had the fault that she couldn't see and no one had the obligation to pay attention to her complaints. After a heated argument, Hitomi ended up crying, knowing that her anger was just selfishness as Hajime had pointed out. Then, Hajime touched her bangs and dried her tears with his finger. Hajime mentioned that her eye was not useless, because it helped her to cry and although people didn't pay attention to her complaints, he would. Hajime told her that even though her resentment was wrong, it was natural for her to feel like that. Hajime apologized to her, bowing his head. Also, he gave her his eyepatch, vowing to never wear it again. Hitomi noted the suffering of Hajime for saying goodbye to his dear black eyepatch, which made her laugh. Hitomi thought that Hajime was an interesting person and accepted his apology.

After a week, Hitomi became an official member of the literature club and Hajime was appointed as the club’s president. Hitomi and Hajime spent his three years in high school as the only two members in the literature club. One day, Hitomi asked Hajime the reason for letting a such troublesome woman like her to stay in the club, Hajime replied that for him their meeting was decided by fate. He told her that life was like a novel that only could be read once, so he didn't want to miss anything. 

After graduation, he lost contact with Hitomi and entered university. At that time, a famous circle inside the university organized a party to welcome the first year students, which he attended. It was at that party where he met Hatsuhiko Habikino, the leader of the circle and also a famous and rich young businessman. After hearing him talk about the use of money, Hajime laughed and mocked him calling him a “slave of money”, greatly hurting Hatsuhiko’s pride. Before leaving the party, a guard stopped him because he was taking home the party’s food in his tuppers.

Three years after his high school graduation, in his 20th birthday, Hajime decided to quit university and left home, much to his father and sister’s displeasure, only saying "something was wrong with this world" before leaving. One rainy night, Hajime appeared completely wet in front of Hitomi’s door, asking her to let him stay. Hitomi was astonished, but let him in. After taking a shower, Hajime told her he quit university and left home, but asked her not to ask the details. She accepted and let him stay with her. Since that day, he started living in Hitomi’s department.

The Fairy War and the creation of Fallen Black Edit

At the same time he started living with Hitomi, Hajime was contacted by a fairy named Reatier who invited him to participate in the Fourth Fairy War, which he gladly accepted. At home, due to receiving money from his father, which he spent on comic books and magazines, Hajime started living a carefree way of living, just sleeping and reading his magazines the whole day. After six months of living with him, Hitomi considered him a neet and was often upset because of his behavior, feeling disappointed that he was not even looking for a part-time job.

While Hajime was busy taking part in the Fairy War, Hitomi began to notice his frequent outings. Sometimes Hajime was away for hours or days, making Hitomi intrigued about what he was doing. When she asked him where he was going, he just answered he was going to the war. One day, Hajime had his final battle against Genre Yusano and won the Fourth Fairy War. After winning, he wished for the war to be continued. And because of that wish, the Fifth Fairy War began immediately after the previous war ended. Hajime returned home covered in bruises and blood. As he was about to fall, Hitomi tried to catch him, but his weight was too much for her to handle. Then, as Hitomi was about to fall too, Hajime's body became very light. He laughed and told her it was because of his power. The next day, Hajime and Reatier told her everything about the fairies, the superpowers and the Fairy War. Hajime told her he was tired of playing solo and asked her to join him, giving her the task of spreading his new alias, "Ancient Lucifer", because he felt nobody remember his alias ,"Kiryu Heldkaiser Luci First", or his superpower's name, “Lucifer’s Strike”, much to Hitomi's dismay. In the end, Hitomi accepted and joined him. Hajime named the group as “Fallen Black” and decided to name himself as the 0th member and Hitomi as the 1st member of the group. Giving her the alias, “Eternal Wink”, the two of them started going to battles together, so while Hajime was fighting, Hitomi would praise him using his alias “Ancient Lucifer”, much to her embarrassment.

Also, Hajime became some kind of ruler of the new war, adding the "Last Eigth" rule which said that only the last eight surviving participants could ask for a wish. The purpose of this rule was to promote the creation of teams. Hajime also ordered Reatier to awake the powers of a group of students who were the new literature club in his old high school. Hajime gave the name "Virgin Child" to this students and ordered to leave them out of the war for the time being.

Later, Hajime would invite other participants to join him, such as Yanagi Akutagawa and Aki Natsu as the 2nd and 3rd members respectively, giving them the alias “Dead Space” and “Head Hunting”.

Due to Hitomi lending him money to repair his long black coat which was damaged in his battles, Hajime decided to get a part-time job at nights at a convenience store to earn some money to pay Hitomi back. One night, a motorcycle gang was causing havoc in the parking lot of the convenience store, scaring away the customers. As the only employee working at the store, Hajime approached them and politely asked them to leave because they were bothering the customers. The bikers took this as an insult and try to intimidate him. However, Hajime, getting tired of his polite facade, decided to show his true colors and crushed the gang completely, leaving them unconscious on the floor.

When only one member was left standing, Hajime noticed this biker was not afraid of his power. The fearless biker tried to attack him with his knife, but Hajime quickly evaded him and jumped, landing on the tip of the knife. The biker was shocked to find that Hajime was as thin as a feather. When Hajime was about to attack him, the leader of the gang stood up and quickly apologized to Hajime, begging him on his knees to stop hurting his friends. Hajime felt uncomfortable and asked him to stop doing that because it looked like he was the villain. Hajime decided to leave, but not before telling them to better go cause havoc at the rival store. This fearless biker who opposed him resulted to be Shugo Toki. Later, he became a participant in the Fairy war and joined Fallen Black as the 4th member. Hajime decided to give him the alias “Zigzag Jigsaw”.

Sometime later, Hajime recruited Fantasia Yusano as the 5th member and gave her the alias “Sex Eclipse”. At some unknown point, Hajime introduced Reatier to his old friend, Shizumu Sagami, something that made him very happy, because he finally got the chance to meet a not human girl. Even though he had no powers, Sagami joined Fallen Black as the 13th member and Hajime gave him the alias “Innocent Onlooker”.

The group decided to set their base at a bar, which was created by Akutagawa’s power. 

Fallen Black vs F Arc Edit

One day, Hajime was having a battle against a rogue ability user named Tōhei Yukawa in an abandoned bowling room. Even though Yukawa had a power capable of countering Hajime’s gravity manipulation, he managed to trick Yukawa into attacking him physically. Hajime carved a circle around him and declared he wouldn’t step out from the circle and only would use his left pinky to fight. Believing him, Yukawa quickly went for the kill, but Hajime stepped out from the circle and punched him the face, sending him far away. Hajime told him not to trust his opponent’s words.

With a broken jaw and broken tooth, Yukawa was beyond angry. He tried to use his power, but Hajime didn’t let him. He used his power and created a mini black hole, “Pinpoint Abyss”, which devoured Yukawa entirely. Before being devoured completely, he pronounced Hajime’s name. Then, Hajime corrected him and said his name was “Kiryū Heldkaiser Luci First”, but Yukawa was no longer there to hear it.

After leaving the building, Hajime went to the parking lot and had a talk with Reatier. Observing the recently revived Yukawa leaving the building, he mentioned that reviving the participants was such a soft rule. Reatier told him it was natural because they couldn’t affect the humans. After talking about Yukawa, who was a member of a mysterious organization of rogue ability users, Reatier informed him that the War Management Committee named this organization as “F”. Then, Hitomi arrived in her white car to pick Hajime up, who got inside and began smoking. Hajime mentioned he couldn’t take his bicycle, Kishihime, out at night because the lights were broken. Hearing this, Hitomi asked him not to do that because it was embarrassing seeing him ride that granny bicycle. She told him that she would take him wherever he wanted because she was his driver. However, Hajime corrected her, telling her that she was not his driver, instead she was his wing. The wing of a fallen angel which he needed to fly on earth. Hitomi just sighed and started the car, slowly driving into the darkness of the night.

The next day, Hajime was reunited with the rest of Fallen Black at their base. After discussing about trivial things, Hajime informed them about Reatier’s report. The location of F’s base of operations had been discovered. Hajime decided to send a small group formed by Hitomi, Aki and himself to investigate the enemy’s base. Going in Hitomi’s car, Aki began complaining about the small size of the car and the smoke of Hajime’s cigarettes. He told her that a child couldn’t understand the toxic charm of smoking, and if she wanted to complain about the car, she should give her complaints to Hitomi. 

After arriving to the factory, Hitomi used her power and gave Hajime the “evil eye”, which he used to manipulate the guards’ minds to let them in. Inside the factory’s parking lot, someone attacked them launching many trucks at them. It was a man with glasses in a suit the one responsible. After evading all the trucks, the man decided to control Hitomi’s car, rising it into the air. When the car began to fall, Hajime used his power to control the car and stop the fall. After having Aki to analyze the enemy’s power, they found out the mysterious attacker was a magnetism user, capable of manipulating the magnetic fields. Hajime got off the car and prepared to fight against the enemy.

Some minutes later, Hajime was at top of a tower of trucks, grabbing the man by his throat. Then, he used his technique, Mitsubachi, which allowed him to greatly sharpen his hand, piercing the man’s chest. He was about to lick his blood, but stopped, mentioning that drinking his opponent’s blood was against the rules of the battles with superpowers. Due to Hajime’s battle, the whole base was at alert and many new enemies were dispatched. Being outnumbered, the trio decided to escape using Hajime’s power to fly.

Walking on walls thanks to his power, Hajime, Aki and Hitomi decided to rest some time. There, Hitomi caught a glimpse of the interior of the building. She saw a tank of water with many tubes and cables connected to it. And inside the glasses, there was one little girl sleeping. Hajime joked about F’s members being lolicons, so Hitomi asked him if they should rescue her. However, Aki was terrified and told them that the girl was the strongest ability user named as System.

After escaping the factory, Fallen Black was reunited at the bar. There, they were discussing about System alongside Reatier. Hajime maintained his distance while the others were planning what actions they should take. Then, Hajime received a phone call from his boss who fired him for being absent again at his job. Hajime told him to get lost and ended the call. When Hitomi asked him if he was listening to their talk, he just answered that System was not a bad name, but it lacked effort. 

This careless attitude of him made Shugo lose his temper, who proceeded to grab Hajime by his collar. Hajime jokingly told him that he better let him go because his coat had an anti-physical attacks barrier. Shugo angrily told him he chose the wrong leader to follow, but Hajime told him that even so, he was better than Shugo’s previous leader, who begged on his knees for his life. Even angrier because of this, Shugo prepared to attack Hajime with his knife. At that moment, to make things worse, Fantasia’s personality changed and a new one took control of her body. This personality addressed herself as "Groteska" and insulted Hajime, criticizing him for being a shame as a leader. Hitomi was really nervous because Groteska and Shugo were about to attack Hajime. But then, Groteska made fun of Hajime's alias, including the name he gave her, “Sex Eclipse”, which proved to be a great mistake. In one quick movement, Hajime grabbed her by her head and smashed her against the wall in an instant, even Shugo wasn’t able to follow his movements. Just when he was about to kill her with his slash attack, “Zakuro”, Hajime said he was joking and stopped. Fantasia's personality returned, crying of fear and shame because she had wet herself. Hajime asked Shugo if he wanted to continue, but Shugo declined after seeing Hajime in action.

Before leaving, Hajime exposed Reatier's hidden plan which was to make Hajime destroy F. He told her that the only thing that gives him orders were the destructive impulses inside his head. Hajime told Reatier that if she wanted to ask something, she should bow her head and ask politely. Outside the base, Hitomi caught up with him and asked if he really wasn’t going to do anything. Hajime just answered that he will never let someone tamper with the war, adding that if F or System interfere, he would crush them both. Hajime told her that something as fun as the war should last more time.

Next day, Hajime decide to go to Senkō Private High School. After having a brief conversation with his old teacher, Shiharu Satomi, he advised her to better leave the city because soon this city would become the vessel of the ravages of war. Later, Hajime went to the literature club’s classroom, where he found a black notebook on the floor, which he proceeded to read. Then, a young man appeared and saw him reading the notebook. Seeing the boy acting all nervous, Hajime asked him if the notebook was his, which he confirmed. Hajime praised him because his black notebook gave him chills. Hajime showed the boy his own black notebook which was called “Reverse Cross Record”. The boy who happened to be Jurai Ando was fascinated to find someone as Hajime.

Later, they went to a family restaurant, where they began talking about the meaning of chūnibyō. At that moment, he received a call from Reatier, who informed him about the Committee’s decision of suspending the war and also to ask him one more time to stop F. This time, Hajime agreed and told her that he was going to show System who was really the strongest. After finishing his call, Hajime told Jurai that he was an old member from the literature club. Jurai was really pleased to find so many similarities between them. Then, a red haired girl entered the restaurant, asking Jurai if he had found his black notebook. Jurai told her about how Hajime had found it. Upon noticing the white haired man who was sit in front of Jurai, the girl was left speechless. Hajime smirked and greeted her, addressing her as “Endless Paradox”. The girl was Hajime’s half-sister, Tomoyo Kanzaki. She was surprised to see her brother again and asked him to come back home, mentioning their father was no longer angry. However, Hajime rejected the offer and then proceeded to leave, not before reminding Tomoyo to tell their father not to forget to send him money. Before leaving, he told Jurai they will definitely will meet each other in the future.

In his way home, Hajime was approached by Hitomi in her car. Hajime got in the car and told her about how he had a fated meeting with Guiltia Sin Jurai, much to Hitomi’s confusion. Then, she asked him about his decision to confront F, which he confirmed. And just when Hitomi was thinking that Fallen Black would have an all-out battle against F, Hajime told her he was going to fight alone, instructing her to tell all members not to do anything. Hitomi was left speechless and confused about this revelation. After this, Hajime left on his own.

Going alone to F’s base, Hajime made his way to the place where System was sleeping. After she was awakened, both of them engaged in a fierce battle which almost brought all the place down. Both of them were equals in power, awakening new abilities constantly. System was very excited to find such powerful opponent who could fight with her on equal ground. And just when their battle was about to ascend to the heavens, System mentioned her short lifespan, making Hajime stopped in his tracks. Then, Hajime instead of continuing the battle, asked her to join him in exchange for some candies. System agreed and Hajime ordered her to destroy F.

When Hitomi and the rest of Fallen Black arrived to the place, they found System floating in the air, System wrongly believed they were F’s members, so proceeded to kill them, but Hajime stopped her attack, telling her they were companions, not F’s members. After Hajime introduced System as their new companion, the rest of Fallen Black was left speechless. Then, Hajime ordered Fallen Black to destroy F. He instructed System to follow Hitomi’s commands and asked her to look forward the new alias he was going to give her. Before leaving, Hitomi caught up with him, grabbing his coat. At that moment, she noticed a horrible wound on his stomach, but before she could say something, Hajime silenced her, putting his finger on her mouth. He told her he was leaving everything on her hands and then left.

After F was destroyed, the Fairy War was resumed. F’s members were revived with their memories erased. The rogue fairy, Zeion, was taken to some kind of prison in the fairy world. As for System, Hajime and Hitomi decided to give her a new name, Umeko Tanaka, who began to live with them. Also, Hajime gave her a new alias, “White Rulebook”, making her the 6th member of Fallen Black. However, due to the danger of her already short lifespan shortening even more, Hajime forbade Umeko from participating in the Fairy War.

At some point, Hajime and Hitomi met a boy called Hinoemata who wished to join Fallen Black. Hitomi described him as a cheerful and good-looking boy. Hajime accepted and made him the 7th member of Fallen Black, giving him the alias, “Lost Regalia”. Without informing him or the rest of Fallen Black, Hinoemata befriend Mirei Kudo through social network and instigated her anonymously to fight the literature club. Hajime, who found out about this, went to observe their battle from afar. Later, Hajime and Hitomi were discussing about Hinoemata’s actions, but Hajime didn’t seem to mind. Hitomi noticed that Hajime maybe didn’t want loyal companions, instead he wanted companions who act more freely.

Some days later, Hajime hurt his right eye because he slept with contact lenses. Hitomi forbade him of wearing them again and gave his contact lenses to Umeko, so he couldn’t get it back. Then, Hajime devised a plan to kidnap a member of Virgin Child called “Root of Origin”. Hitomi asked him why he wanted to do that, even though he wanted to keep those kids away from the war. Hajime told her to use her power, so he could manipulate that kid’s memory. Hitomi reluctantly agreed and asked him who was “Root of Origin”, but Hajime just told her it was the girl with long hair.

Later, when Hatoko Kushikawa ended up at the riverside after having an argument with Jurai Ando, found Hajime sitting near the river. The both talked about the meaning of chūnibyō and how everyone wanted to be the chosen one from someone else. Hajime thanked her for talking with him and then gave Hitomi, who was near, a signal. She used her power and gave him the evil eye, so he put her to sleep when he made eye contact with her.  When Fallen Black was surrounding the unconscious Hatoko, Hajime told Hitomi they got the wrong person. Putting the fault on her, Hajime mentioned they got “Over Element”, instead of “Root of Origin”. Then, all the members started discussing about who was to blame. When Hajime mentioned they were so clumsy, everyone shouted that everything was his fault. All the members decided to leave, with Fantasia mentioning that Hinoemata was clever because he didn’t come and Aki giving Hajime a medicine for his eye, asking him to pay her back later with interest. 

When Hajime decided to leave as well, Hitomi stopped him in his tracks. She scolded him for leaving an unconscious young girl alone in middle of the road. Hitomi ordered him to tell her everything once she wakes up. With Umeko carrying Hatoko on her back, they returned to Hitomi’s apartment. Hajime just mentioned that he wished those kids could awake a new power so they could retrieve their friend, but Hitomi said that was just wishful thinking. Later, to her surprise, she alongside Hajime and Umeko witnessed how Hatoko was involved in light and disappeared in front of them.

Next day, Hitomi couldn’t believe that Hatoko was indeed retrieved by Sayumi Takanashi’s new ability. Hajime was pleased to know that his prediction was right. Then, he told Hitomi that he was planning a new way to kidnap Root of Origin.  When Hitomi asked him the reason why he was so insistent on curing his eye right away, Hajime told her it was because he promised her to never wear an eyepatch again. Hitomi was touched by this and was happy to know Hajime still remembered that promise. 

Later, by Hitomi’s request, they went to a game center, wanting to take a picture in a photo booth. Before taking the picture, Hitomi drew something from her purse. Hajime noticed it was the black eyepatch he gave her long ago. Hitomi wore it and asked him how it looked. Hajime told her it looked great and was pleased to take a picture of both of them wearing eyepatches.

Fallen Black vs Hearts Arc Edit

One day in summer, Hajime and Hitomi were in middle of a cold war, both of them were at opposites sites of the room, not talking to each other. The reason was because Hajime hadn’t tidy his magazines which were filling up the whole apartment. Then, Hajime broke the ice and asked about the lunch, but Hitomi just said that she gave money to Umeko to buy only two lunches, Umeko’s and hers. This greatly angered Hajime. Then, Umeko arrived with the lunches. Hajime was angry and complained about it, but Hitomi didn’t pay him any attention, only saying that if he wanted to eat, he should use his money. However, Umeko drew a third lunch box and gave it to Hajime, mentioning she bought it with the money she was saving.

Then, she scolded them for making such a fuss even though they were adults. With nothing to say back, Hajime just limited himself to listening. After lunch, Umeko readied herself to go out again to do the grocery shopping, but when Hitomi told her she would go instead, Umeko declined the offer. She mentioned that even though it didn't look like it, she enjoyed "daily life". After thinking how Umeko was becoming more human, Hitomi pointed out that Umeko had changed, but Hajime questioned her if she was saying that line in a good or bad way. Later, they talked about how Yanagi and Shugo weren't answering Hitomi’s calls and she was worried about their battles against members of the recent group known as Hearts. However, Hajime didn’t believe they could have been defeated.

Sometime later, Hajime decided to leave without mentioning where he was going, so Hitomi, who was worried about him dating another girl, and Umeko disguised themselves and followed him. After taking a bus, Hajime went to a hospital where he visited a hospitalized person who was in a deep coma. After spending sometime in the patient’s room, Hajime left the hospital without noticing Hitomi and Umeko who were there as well.

After Hearts’s members were defeated, Shugo Toki defeated the group’s leader, Hatsuhiko Habikino, by making the building where Hatsuhiko was hiding crumble to pieces. Later, at the debris site, Hajime appeared before Shugo and Yanagi, who were talking about their recent experiences. Hajime laughed and said it looked like they had fun without him.  Then, Shugo and Yanagi asked Hajime about Hatsuhiko, but he denied knowing him. Completely startled, both boys told him that Hatsukiko had been obsessed with revenge on Hajime since their university days because Hajime had called him a “slave of money”. Hajime fell silent and tried to remember, then some seconds later, he finally recalled who Hatsuhiko was.

Hajime remembered he was the one organizing that elegant welcome party back in university, however, he didn’t remember calling him a slave of money. Hajime mentioned that back then, he was so annoyed because all the guys at that party were so rich and successful, even though they were Hajime’s age, making him jealous. He recalled that he just wanted to leave and go home, so he just said some cool lines and left. After hearing his story, Shugo and Yanagi broke out in laughter, realizing how silly the whole situation was.

After receiving a call from Sagami, mentioning how he was at the water park and couldn't return because there were no buses left, so he alongside Hitomi and Umeko went to pick him up in Hitomi’s car. After picking up, Sagami told Hitomi to give him a ride to the hospital. When they arrive, Hajime told Hitomi about Sagami's mother condition. Hitomi was surprised to find out that Sagami's mother was hospitalized just like Hajime's mom, but he didn’t understand what she meant. However, at that moment, a nurse, who seemed to know Hitomi, appeared and introduced herself as Hajime's mother, Rei Kiryu. Hajime asked Hitomi why she seemed to know his mother, so she told him everything about how she followed him to this hospital and found out about the hospitalized woman and his mother. Hitomi thought Hajime would be angry, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

Clearing Hitomi’s misunderstanding, he told her the one hospitalized was Sagami's mother and his mother was her nurse in charge. Rei thanked Hitomi for taking care of his problematic son, which made her embarrassed. Later, Hajime told Hitomi he was going stay, so she and Umeko should go home first.

Climax of the Fairy War Arc Edit

After Umeko Tanaka’s death, Fallen Black broke up, diving the members into two teams. The first team was composed of Hitomi Saito, Shugo Toki and Aki Natsu, while the other team was composed of Hajime Kiryu, Yanagi Akutagawa and Tamaki Hinoemata. Yusano was the only one who left on her own and was acting alone.

While Tamaki was having her battle against Jurai in a closed space created by Akutagawa, Hajime focused on finding Genre Yusano, the one who fought Hajime at the climax of the previous Fairy War. Because he considered she had no place in the current war, he was looking for her to settle things with her once and for all. After he sensed her, he rushed to her location, but he was too late. She had already left, only finding Sagami alone. 

Sagami informed her about Yusano’s new personality, which had the power of creating names for her superpowers. Hajime was shocked to find out that Yusano had discarded the name “Sex Eclipse” and had adopted a new name, “Faceless”. Even though Hajime thought her new alias wasn’t bad at all, he still couldn’t forgive her for discarding the alias he gave her. Then, Sagami inquired him about what he was planning to do with the literature club. Sagami theorized that Hajime was planning to turn the literature club into some kind of last bosses, so Fallen Black could fight them at the end of the war, especially his half-sister, Tomoyo Kanzaki. Sagami thought that Hajime wanted to fight her in the end because of the close relationship between their powers, gravity and time. And also because a fight to death between siblings is always an interesting plot in a story. However, Hajime told Sagami that those ideas were just wild delusions.

Sagami agreed with him. Those were his delusions and they surely must be wrong because he completely left out Jurai. Sagami thought about the destined meeting Hajime had with Jurai and how the current situtaion of Fallen Black and the literature club could be the new outcome Hajime was expecting in the story. Hajime told Sagami that even though it looked like he was overstimating him, he actually was understimating him. Then, Sagami added that he shouldn't expect too much because in the end, he could be dissapointed. However, Hajime said that it's actually the opposite. One should have high expectations in order to fully enjoy the story. And that applies to manga, anime and of course their own world. Then, before Sagami could notice, Hajime had dissapeared.

After Jurai and Tamaki’s battle was over and both of them alongside Sagami finally made amends, a black hole appeared before them, devouring Tamaki entirely before she could even scream. Then, Hajime appeared, happily announcing that now there were only eight participants left in the war, so it could finally advance to the next stage. However, Sagami told him he was wrong and declared he would participate in the war. 

A light suddenly involved Sagami’s body and his power was awakened. Now that the number of participants increased, the war couldn’t advance to the next stage, ruining Hajime’s plan. Sagami mocked him if he was angry now, but Hajime just laughed. He asked Sagami why he was interfering, even though he was a reader. But Sagami just answered he was doing it for his friend. Hajime told him it was too late to have a turn at stage, but Sagami answered that didn’t matter because even if he had no turn, he would make one. Both friends glared at each other, then Sagami declared that human nature doesn’t change so easily, he still was a reader who enjoyed seeing interesting things and right now if Hajime was defeated by him, then that would be the most interesting thing ever.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His ability is called Lucifer’s Strike, which allows him to manipulate gravity. Hajime has shown many attacks and uses for his power.

  • Pinpoint Abyss: It’s a mini black hole capable of devouring everything. It’s Hajime quickest way to end his opponents, not leaving them a chance to fight back. 
  • Mitsubachi: Concentrating gravity on his hand, Hajime can make it as sharp as a spear. In volume 05, He used this attack to pierce his opponent through the chest. 
  • Zakuro: Using gravity, he can turn his hand into a powerful claw which can slash his opponents causing devastating effects. He was about to use this attack on Yusano in volume 05. Hitomi noticed that if Hajime would have use it, Yusano’s head would have been turned to pieces. 
  • Flight Manipulation: By manipulating gravity around him, he has shown the ability to levitate in the air. 
  • Wall Walking: Changing the direction of gravity, Hajime has been able to walk on walls or even ceilings. 
  • Weight Manipulation: Hajime has shown the ability to manipulate weight, making something very light or very heavy. He was shown manipulating his own weight. 
  • Levitation: By manipulating gravity around objects or persons, he can make them levitate in air. 
  • Increased Strength and Speed: By manipulating gravity around him, he can enhance his strength and speed. 

Other Abilities Edit

  • Evil Eye: With Hitomi’s power, he can use the “evil eye”. This special eye can put people to sleep, manipulate their memories and show them illusions.
  • Shukuchi: Hajime has been practicing this technique of rapid movement since high school and thanks to his power, he was able to master it. Using his extraordinary speed, he can invade his opponent’s territory in an instant.
  • High Deduction Skills: Hajime has shown great deductive skills in his battles. Just seeing his opponent’s power once, he can accurately deduce what kind of power his opponent has, and also what kind of special attack he could hide.
  • Driving skills: Hajime has shown excellent driving skills when he had to evade all the trucks launched at him in volume 05.


  • He dislikes being called by his real name and prefers to be called "Kiryū Hellkaiser Luci-First." "Luci-First" (Rushifāsuto) is referring to Lucifer (Rushifā), the Fallen Angel. The name is fitting and is possible reference his forename, Hajime, meaning "One" (as in numeral).
    • Hajime means "One". It is also the pronunciation of "Beginning" (初め or 始め Hajime) in Japanese.
  • His surname comes from a city located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, near the cities of Ōta and Ashikaga.
  • He and Tomoyo share the same father, but they have different mothers.
  • According to Umeko Tanaka, Hajime is a really terrifying man and also her equal in power.
  • Hajime was the winner of the Fourth Fairy War. His wish was for the war to be continued, so the Fifth Fairy War was held right after previous one ended. Hajime added the "Last Eight" rule in order to promote the creation of teams because he was tired of everyone playing solo in the previous war.

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