Root of Origins
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Rōmaji Rūto obu Orijin
Other Names The Beginning
Owner(s) Sayumi Takanashi

Root of Origin (始原(ルート・オブ・オリジン) Rūto obu Orijin) is the name of the superpower owned by Sayumi Takanashi.

Capabilities Edit

The user is able to return things to their original form. It doesn't matter if it's a living creature or an inanimate object. Someone could be wounded, ill or have a wrecked body, and it'd only take the user a moment to return them to their original form.

Etymology Edit

  • The term comes from returning something back to its roots, as in reverting something before a primary action which may alter it takes place.

Applications Edit

Examples Edit

An example would be when Jurai manages to burn his whole arm and Sayumi uses her Root of Origin to reverse the effect and return it to the point before it had burned.

She can also uses it to prevents excessive and exterior bacteria forming.